Why did Texas Health Aetna change “ER Doc” to “Anytime-MD?”

Texas Health Aetna is committed to providing you with instant access to care that meets your everyday health needs. The change to “Anytime-MD” reflects the care available on our platform. When your child wakes up with a cough at 1 am or you need to have your prescription refilled, you’re concerned you might have a urinary tract infection or you have a cut that you think might need stitches – Texas Health Aetna’s Anytime-MD virtual care providers are only a click away.

Has the service changed?

Anytime-MD offers the exact same convenient, 24/7 access to doctors from any phone or computer. If you are on vacation or your child is away at school, you can still access care through the app.

When should I use Anytime-MD?

Use Anytime-MD to connect to a doctor and ask about any non-emergency health needs. When you wake up feeling crummy and your doctor doesn’t have an open appointment, or when you have a medical concern and are not sure if you should go to an urgent care center or emergency room, Anytime-MD is there for you.

A Texas Health Aetna board-certified doctor is always on call, ready to answer your questions and help with your urgent care health needs within seconds – 24/7, holidays included.

How do I sign up for Anytime-MD?

First, you’ll need to access the Anytime-MD app or web page. This requires a computer or mobile device with a high-speed Internet connection.

Step 1. Download the Anytime-MD app by searching for “Texas Health Aetna Anytime-MD”

From the Apple store:  iOS mobile device (Apple products).

From the Google Play store:  Android mobile devices (Samsung, Google, LG, Motorola, Nokia products.)

On your computer:  Access Anytime-MD on our website – Anytime-MD.com  (Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox recommended). To video chat, your computer will need a webcam and microphone.

Step 2. Register for Anytime-MD.

Have your insurance ID handy - You’ll need your date of birth, email address, Texas Health Aetna member ID and individual identifier number (these last two are on your Texas Health Aetna member ID card).

Create an account here by completing the on-line form.  Once you have registered, you’ll receive an email from CirrusMD, the app developer and service team, with instructions about how to finish setting up your account.

Check your junk/spam folder if you do not receive the email right away. Once your account setup is complete, you’ll immediately be able to start chatting with a doctor from the app or webpage.  

What technology do I need to access Texas Health Aetna Anytime-MD?

From a mobile device:

  • An iOS device (iPhone 5s/iPad 4th generation or newer) with the latest operating system (iOS 10+) and the Anytime-MD app installed.

  • An Android device (less than 2 years old) with at least Lollipop 5.1+ and the Anytime-MD app installed.

From a computer:

  • Desktop or laptop computer (ideally less than 3 years old)

  • PC operating system: Windows 7+; or Apple operating system: OS X 10.6+

  • Desktop web browser: preferably Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox

  • Webcam (most computers have a built-in webcam)

  • Microphone (most computers have a built-in microphone)

  • High-speed internet connection of at least 3.0 Mbps download / 1.0 Mbps upload

If you need technical assistance getting registered, just send an email to support@cirrusmd.com.

What languages are offered on Anytime-MD?

At this time, only English is available. In order to better support our members, we are developing other language capabilities to improve access to care.

How much does it cost to use Anytime-MD ?

If you are a member of a qualifying Texas Health Aetna health plan, access to the Texas Health Aetna Anytime-MD app is available at no extra cost to you.

How will my family access Anytime-MD?

Texas Health Aetna insured spouses and dependents over age 18 can set up their own Anytime-MD account using information from their member ID card. Direct participation of a parent or legal guardian is required for care provided to children under the age of 18.

What happens when I start a message on Anytime-MD?

An Anytime-MD doctor will typically answer your message in less than five minutes. Stay online and wait for the doctor to respond to your question or concern.

What can be treated through Anytime-MD?

With Anytime-MD, you have 24/7 access to a provider for all your non-emergency health needs.

For a medical emergency, always call 9-1-1. A medical emergency is an event that you reasonably believe threatens your or someone else's life or limb in such a manner that immediate medical care is needed to prevent death or serious impairment of health. A medical emergency includes severe pain, bad injury, a serious illness, or a medical condition that is quickly getting much worse.

Who are the doctors providing care through Anytime-MD?

Texas Health Aetna has contracted with Acute Care Transitions, LLP (“ACT”) to provide access to emergency medicine physicians in Texas through the app. ACT physicians are board-certified or board-eligible emergency physicians who work in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and are licensed to practice medicine in the state of Texas. If you want to learn more about a doctor's background, just ask them when you log into Anytime-MD.

Is Anytime-MD the same as a nurse's hotline?

Anytime-MD allows you to connect directly to a doctor about non-emergency issues. The doctor can help answer your questions, may diagnose and treat your illness or injury, write an appropriate prescription, and even refer you to a in-network provider for further care. They can also initiate a referral to DispatchHealth, a “house-call” urgent care provider.

What is DispatchHealth? And how can I contact DispatchHealth via Anytime-MD?

DispatchHealth delivers convenient, high-quality acute care services to your home through a care team that includes nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and an always on-call board-certified ER physician available by phone. An Anytime-MD physician will determine if DispatchHealth is recommended for you and can help arrange a same-day appointment within your own home.

DispatchHealth teams are available between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m., seven days a week, including holidays.

DispatchHealth is not currently available in all areas within DFW. As DispatchHealth continues to expand, so will their service area.

*A board-certified ER physician is always available by phone for consultation with the DispatchHealth clinical team.

Can I get a prescription through my Anytime-MD virtual visit?

Yes, the Anytime-MD providers can prescribe medication, if appropriate. Your prescription will be sent directly to your preferred pharmacy for you to pick up. Anytime-MD doctors will not prescribe Schedule I or II controlled medications (narcotic pain medications) and will not refill prescriptions for Schedule III-V medications taken on a chronic basis. A current list of DEA controlled substances can be found here.

Anytime-MD providers will also not prescribe medications that treat conditions associated with lifestyle; examples include medications to treat weight loss, smoking, impotence, baldness and the effects of aging, as well as medications that improve mental agility.

What if I need tests or lab work?

To better diagnose and treat you, your doctor may recommend tests or lab work be completed. If this is the case, they'll refer you to a lab or doctor's office where you can have those tests completed.

How does Anytime-MD keep my health information safe and private?

Click here to view the applicable Privacy Policy.

Will I have a record of my Anytime-MD visit?

Yes, a complete record of your Anytime-MD visit is maintained and available for your review, at your convenience.